Week Seven Summary

It was great to see everyone’s progress this week with their shows and to look at and comment on their daily creates. My favorite Daily Create to read about was the weasel poems because they were so funny. To me the Daily Creates took a little more thought this week, but that isn’t a bad thing. Making our show has definitely been the highlight of the week. We are having so much fun with our characters and bringing them to life. I think our show is going to turn out really good and I can’t wait for everyone else to listen to it. I also can’t wait to hear what everyone else has done with their show!

Daily Creates:


Happy Birthday Grant Potter!

Written by Shannon Grubbs on February 24, 2015 2:39 pm

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What a cute little ice weasel he is
Grant Potter is a radio wiz
We thank him for his creation
Because of him the class radio is a sensation

repairs are no trouble
he will have them done on the double
So here’s a happy birthday to you
A very smart weasel its true

ds106 spaceship












Radio Show:


4 thoughts on “Week Seven Summary”

  1. Thanks for sharing your progress this week! Your birthday poem is super cute, very creative. I can’t wait to hear your radio show, have a great spring break!

  2. I agree the weasel poems were quite funny but I’d have to say that the 5 emoji story was my favorite daily create this week! I look forward to hearing your radio show! :D

  3. I liked your weasel poem and what you came up with, especially the “double,” “trouble” rhyme you played with. The emoji daily create was very nice to look at and different from all the other ones since yours had more of a picture to is rather than the 5 straight in one line (which I like and wish I did!). I’m curious what your show will be and maybe you can add a brief part about what your show is to this weekly summary.

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