Week Eleven Summary

This week was all about developing our agency. Lena Meyers and I teamed up to make our news agency “Headline Crime.” We made a website for Headline Crime so that we can keep up with all of the latest crime and share our findings with the public. We included a staff page in this website so that people can read about our background information and how we got into the news agency. We also included contact information incase anyone needs to talk to us about a crime. Next I did some assignments that helped introduce our agency. I presented our logo for Headline Crime, talked about what our agency does using the “Steller” app, showed my official press badge, and put out some news about our first potential crime stories. I think we heading in the right direction for our agency to be a hit!

The daily creates this week were a little more complicated than they usually are. I waited until later in the week to do them so that I could do the ones that I liked better. My favorite was taking Noddy out of the trash and sitting him next to Napoleon Dynamite, hopefully people got a kick out of it. And finally I made 10 more comments. This helped me to see what other people were doing with their agencies. This also played a part into our agency due to the fact that we are most likely going to be reporting on the crime of the other agencies.

Daily Creates:

Comment One

Comment Two



Comment Five


Comment Seven


Comment Nine


Official Credentials

Agencies To Watch Out For

Our Steller Story

Introducing Headline Crime

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