What’s in Scott Brinkmann’s Bag?

These are the objects you would find in my character’s bag on a regular basis.

This is Scott’s guest book for his hotel, he always likes to know who is in his hotel and what rooms are occupied, so the guest book helps him keep track of this.

Scotts Guest Book

Scott carries Ibuprofen with him because he often gets headaches from the stress of running his hotel business. He spends long hours organizing and planning for his guests and this causes him to become stressed out.

Scotts Aguprofin

You can bet that there will always be a Coke in Scott’s bag, given that this is his favorite drink he always has one on hand.

Scotts coke

These are Scott’s keys, he must keep them with him at all times because they lock and unlock all of the entrances to his hotel, they also have a master key that opens every room door, and of course they have the keys to his own house.

Scotts keys

Scott keeps this planner in his bag so he always knows what he has scheduled for the day. He is a very organized man and does not like to be late or miss events, therefore he never leaves his planner behind.

Scotts planner

Scott always keeps cash on him incase a customer needs change and for his lunch that he buys everyday at the deli down the street.

Scotts money

Finally, Scott always carries his aviator sunglasses with him for style and for utility.

whats in your bag