Radio Show Listen Along Two

Tonight I listened to the radio shows NOIR At Night and Silk Road. Silk Road was my favorite of the two so I will talk about that one. It was a really good show, listening to it was suspenseful and had some comedy in it that made it entertaining. They had sound effects like typing, telephone rings, cars, and gun shots that really brought the story to life. The sound effects helped the listener to understand what was going on in the story better and also helped to visualize the scene. I think the best part about the show was its quality. The voices were very clear and the story and sounds flowed together nicely. The commercials were also done very well, and had a lot of creativity put into them. The only criticism I have about the show was that it was really short and the story moved very fast, you had to really pay attention to keep up. However they only had two people in their group so this is understandable. Overall it was a really well done show and showed what noir is all about.


ds106 radio show listen along

I listened to the radio show Noir D&D. I was very confused at first but I think I started to catch on a little bit by the end. It was a little hard to follow what they were talking about because I have no idea what the game D&D is or how it is played. The most predominant sound elements were the calm and battle background music, and the rolling of dice. Good things in the show were they had a really good narrator, he sounded very natural and flowed nicely, his voice was also clear and he was funny. They also had very good bumpers and commercials that sounded very realistic. Not so good things were that it was very hard for people who don’t have experience with the game to follow. I think they could have explained a little more in advance. The voices were also a little unbalanced, the narrator’s voice was a good volume, but some of the other characters were harder to hear. I also think they could have developed their characters a little bit more. In all the show was very excited and eventful. It was entertaining to listen to and the people sounded like they were having a lot of fun making it and playing the game.