Radio Show Progress #2

So far we have made a lot of progress on our radio show. We met last night in the audio booth in the convergence center and worked until 1:00am on the show so we have gotten a good amount done. So far we have put together the intro, commercials, bumpers, and interviews for the show. What we need to finish up is the added sound effects, background music, host sign off, and editing. Luckily our group member Brian had a professional microphone for us to use in the studio which helped a bunch! It turned out to be pretty fun to record the show. At first we thought we were going to have a script but we then realized that it would sound much better if we just improvised as we went. So we just went off of the questions for the quests and did the rest on the spot. The interviews turned out to be very funny because we did them without a script. One problem we ran into with my character was that I made my character a male and I am a female so we had to get creative to make that work. We also had problems when the interview became too funny and we all burst out laughing in the middle of recording so we had to edit out our laughing. We plan to meet again in the audio booth tomorrow night to finish the show and hopefully it will be a hit!

3 thoughts on “Radio Show Progress #2”

  1. I like the improv idea, that will definitely make it sound more natural. It was a good idea to use the audio booth, it’s so nice that we have those resources available to us. I can’t wait to hear all of that turned out!

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