Mail Art

For todays daily create we had to make art out of mail we had laying around. I decided to make an origami flower out of newspaper. Each pedal is actually and individual piece of paper. To make this I had to cut out 10 different squares of newspaper and then fold each one to make the complete flower. I liked the idea of recycled art and I think the outcome was pretty good!

paper flower

Radio Show Final Reflection

Listening to our show live was different then listing to it while we made it. I could see how it all flowed together and what sounded good and bad. Getting feedback from people on twitter was my favorite part. People seemed to like it for the most part and it was fun to play along with the jokes in our show. One of the only criticisms we got was that conversation sometimes seemed unnatural if we tried to jump into the conversation too fast. If I could change something I think it would be to fix that problem, also I would change my character to a woman so I didn’t have to avoid the question of why my male character has a female voice. I enjoyed the process of recording the most during this project. I think doing the interviews without a script was a really good way to go and it was really funny to hear what people made up on the spot. We were all laughing throughout the interviews so that’s why it was a really fun part of the project. The hardest part about this project was time management and getting everyone together around their schedules. I would advise future students to use the sound booth in the convergence center because that helped us have a lot of clarity in our show, while it was a little tough to understand people in other shows who didn’t use a studio or a good microphone.

Week Eight Summary

This week was all about our radio shows and developing our characters. First I listened to the radio show Noir D&D, for their show they were playing the game D&D and narrating what was happening as they went along. Even though I didn’t know anything about what the game was, the show was really exciting to listen to and they had a great narrator. We further developed our characters in our design assignments. Two of my assignments gave more information about Scott and the third incorporated the character Lena Meyers, and showed how she and Scott interact. We also had to do three daily creates. My favorite daily create was to illustrate our favorite part of the week. My favorite thing of the week was when I walked Briscoe the dog in beautiful weather and now because of this daily create I will always remember that day.  Next we had to make inspire me posts. This was a great chance for me to look back on all of the great work that my peers have done. It also opened my eyes to some of the work that I didn’t get to see before. It was a good chance to highlight the best work that people did! Finally we had to comment on other people’s work again which is always a good time to give feedback. In all this was a productive week and gave me a chance to see more of other people’s work as well as develop my own character.

Daily Creates:

My Favorite Part Of The Week

My Different Sides

Grilled Cheese Directions

Listen Along:

Radio Show Listen Along


Where Is The Error

Penny Pictrues

Storytelling Collage

Inspire Me Posts:

Inspire Me Part Four

Inspire Me Part Three

Inspire Me Part Two

Inspire Me Part One



Grilled Cheese Directions

grilled cheese directions

For todays daily create we had to write a lesson on how to do an activity. I chose to write directions for how to make a grilled cheese. I love making grilled cheeses so I thought that would be a good activity to share with everyone else! To make these directions I typed them up on my phone, took a screenshot, and then emailed it to myself to upload it to flickr. Naturally after writing these directions I had to go make a grilled cheese for lunch and it was delicious! Hopefully it inspires everyone else to go have a grilled cheese as well!

Inspire Me Part Four

This post by mfierro2017 inspired me on how to put things together better. Her post was really helpful because it showed how she actually put the trailer together. Not to mention I love the show “The Office,” it made for a great trailer and gave me a good laugh. I can tell a lot of work was put into making this trailer and I think it was well worth it because the final outcome was really great!

Inspire Me Part Three

Fake treat.. sorry tubby! #ds106

This is another one of my favorite posts. Its so cute and puts me in a good mood! I love all animals especially dogs and this picture is a creative way to incorporate a cute dog which I think makes any picture better! Making a fake dog treat for the photo was a good idea and how the dog is looking at makes the photo that much better! Love this photo and the cute dog!

Inspired Me Part Two

love your earth

This post by cryptovalence is so creative and incorporates my favorite kind of art. My favorite kind of art has nature in it. I think natural things can make the prettiest kind of art. I love to see the natural beauty that nature can make, and when humans arrange natural things to make a different kind of art, it makes a beautiful creation. The point of this assignment was to draw love and I think this shows love in a really creative way that is beautiful to look at.

Inspired Me Part One

Janelle’s fifty-shades-of-hallmark post has definitely been one of my favorites so far. It was really funny and so creative. The ending was my favorite part and made the whole audio come together, she acted like she was going to be amazed by Christian Grey and then went the opposite way which made it really funny. It made fun of the whole story of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and showed how a girl would realistically act towards the situation which made it funny. It was an all around really creative assignment that turned out great!

Where Is The Error?

radio show compare pictures

(three and a half stars)

For this assignment we had to copy a photo and change something about one of them and let people guess what the difference is. To make this photo I used the program paint. This is a picture of Lena Meyers radio studio, I chose this place for my picture because Scott and Lena became good friends after they did the radio show together. Often times Lena has to travel around to interview different people so she reaches out to Scott about the better hotels to stay at and he can sometimes give her discounts and in return she gives him publicity on her radio show. They usually meet at Lena’s radio studio to talk about hotel business and that is why I chose to use her studio as my picture.


Penny Pictures (three and a half stars)

For this assignment I had to find an object and then make different versions of the same object. I chose two pennies and drew different things around them to make them look like different things. I made the pennies into eyes, car tires, flowers, and basketballs. This relates to my character Scott because there is always change laying around the hotel desk and when business is slow he sometimes doodles around the change and makes pictures like these. This is how he entertains himself during a slow day.

penny pictures