Take The Plunge

take the plunge

For today’s daily create I had to make an inspirational poster using a phrase that I have said. I decided to use the phrase “Take The Plunge,” and use a picture of myself doing a backflip off of a bridge into the water. This quote basically means that you should try new things, take chances, and explore unfamiliar things. I think this is a good quote to go by because that’s how you can live life to the fullest.

15 Second Batman


For today’s daily create I had to draw Batman in 15 seconds. This is what I came up with. I got his mask and his cape and attempted the bat symbol on his chest. This shows me that I have kind of internalized the basic shape of Batman. Which is weird because I never knew that was part of my basic knowledge.

Breakfast Selfie

Breakfast selfie

For today’s daily create I had to make a selfie out of breakfast foods. I chose to use an English muffin as the face, Honeycombs as the eyes, granola for the nose, and almonds for the smile. These foods don’t really go together but they are components of some of my different breakfasts. Of course he is smiling because breakfast foods make everyone happy!

Week Nine Summary

This week was really challenging for me because I had never used any movie making software before. But to start the week off I got to listen to more radio shows which was really cool to hear. I listened to NOIR At Night, and Silk Road. NOIR at night was exciting but a little hard to follow because the voices weren’t as clear. Silk Road was very good, the voices were so clear and the story was well plotted out. It was exciting, funny, and suspenseful all in one. Next we had to do a radio show final reflection. There was a lot of things and assignments to reflect on for the whole radio show process. My favorite parts were recording the interviews for our show and listening to other people’s creations. I liked hearing how different the other shows were from ours and the new ideas that everyone else had. We also had to do two daily creates. I liked the “mail art” daily create better because it let me be more creative and I got to learn how to make something else using origami. Next we had to learn how to read a movie. This was really interesting because I had no idea all of those different elements went into making a scene. It covered everything from the position of a person to the angle of the camera. The next part was the hardest part of the week for me. The video essay took a lot of time since I knew nothing about how to edit or download it. I got a lot of help from my roommates on how to edit things together so that helped. In the end I think it turned out ok, the only thing I would change would be the silence in the beginning of the scene before I start talking. Also, we had to choose between different kinds of video assignments. I chose to do the individual video assignments since my character is a male, so I wanted to avoid dressing up as a man every time we had to shoot for the video. Many of the video assignments looked very challenging so I tried to take it kind of slow for the first week. Finally, we had to set up a character category for all of our character assignments. I’m glad we had to do this because I never really knew what to put them under. This week was tough, but now I have a much better idea of how to edit video!

Video Essay:

Analyzing Kiss Me Deadly

Video Assignments:

Lena’s Memory Of Scott

Scott’s Visit To El Jota’s Night Club

Viral Video Re-Enactment

Daily Creates:

Blur Photo

Mail Art

Radio Show Listen Along:

Radio Show Listen Along Two

Radio Show Final Reflection:

Radio Show Final Reflection


Lena’s Memory of Scott

http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/recording-a-memory/ (Two Stars)

For this assignment I had to take a video of someone recounting a memory. I chose to video Lena Meyers talking about her memory of going to see Scott and meet his family in Scott’s hometown. She met with Scott to follow up with him after the radio show and see his business and what his life was like. She also attended his family barbecue and got to meet the people in his life. This was a good memory for both of them.

Scott’s Visit to El Jota’s Night Club


(Three Stars)

For this assignment I had to tell a story using flashcards. I decided to have Scott tell the story of when he and his co-owner Liam visited El Jota’s night club. To make this video I wrote the flashcards and then recorded myself holding them up. Once I finished recording I realized that all the cards were backwards on the video. I then had to flip the video so that the cards read the right way. I also couldn’t show my face in the video because I am a girl and I wanted it to look like Scott was holding the cards. Here is the story of Scott’s visit to El Jota’s night club.


Viral Video Re-enactment

http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/viral-video-re-enactment/ (Three and a Half Stars)

For this assignment I had to find a viral video and re-enact it. I chose to re-enact the “Yosemitebear Mountain Double Rainbow 1-8-10″ video. This video went viral because the guy is overreacting to the double rainbow and starts crying. I thought it would be funny and entertaining if I did it myself. To make this I drew the double rainbows and background and then took a video of myself talking while looking at the picture. Below is the original and my re-enactment of the video.



Blur Photo

For todays daily create we had to take an artsy blurry photo. I chose to take a picture of our tapestry, I then had to figure out how to make it blurry. To make this shot I stood across the room and started jumping up and down while taking the picture. This is what I came up with. I liked this one because the lines of the shapes started dragging out and making cool designs.

blurry picture

Radio Show Listen Along Two

Tonight I listened to the radio shows NOIR At Night and Silk Road. Silk Road was my favorite of the two so I will talk about that one. It was a really good show, listening to it was suspenseful and had some comedy in it that made it entertaining. They had sound effects like typing, telephone rings, cars, and gun shots that really brought the story to life. The sound effects helped the listener to understand what was going on in the story better and also helped to visualize the scene. I think the best part about the show was its quality. The voices were very clear and the story and sounds flowed together nicely. The commercials were also done very well, and had a lot of creativity put into them. The only criticism I have about the show was that it was really short and the story moved very fast, you had to really pay attention to keep up. However they only had two people in their group so this is understandable. Overall it was a really well done show and showed what noir is all about.