Take The Plunge

take the plunge

For today’s daily create I had to make an inspirational poster using a phrase that I have said. I decided to use the phrase “Take The Plunge,” and use a picture of myself doing a backflip off of a bridge into the water. This quote basically means that you should try new things, take chances, and explore¬†unfamiliar things. I think this is a good quote to go by because that’s how you can live life to the fullest.

4 thoughts on “Take The Plunge”

  1. I love this inspirational poster. It is extremely cool that you can do a back flip off of a bridge like that. I am very impressed. The message is great too since I feel more inspired to take risks and be spontaneous just by reading this poster. Good Job!

  2. I like this alot. I love the quote first off and the picture that you chose to use as the poster just goes really well with it. It’s also a really cool action shot! Good work!

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