Week Eleven Summary

This week was all about developing our agency. Lena Meyers and I teamed up to make our news agency “Headline Crime.” We made a website for Headline Crime so that we can keep up with all of the latest crime and share our findings with the public. We included a staff page in this website so that people can read about our background information and how we got into the news agency. We also included contact information incase anyone needs to talk to us about a crime. Next I did some assignments that helped introduce our agency. I presented our logo for Headline Crime, talked about what our agency does using the “Steller” app, showed my official press badge, and put out some news about our first potential crime stories. I think we heading in the right direction for our agency to be a hit!

The daily creates this week were a little more complicated than they usually are. I waited until later in the week to do them so that I could do the ones that I liked better. My favorite was taking Noddy out of the trash and sitting him next to Napoleon Dynamite, hopefully people got a kick out of it. And finally I made 10 more comments. This helped me to see what other people were doing with their agencies. This also played a part into our agency due to the fact that we are most likely going to be reporting on the crime of the other agencies.

Daily Creates:

Comment One

Comment Two



Comment Five


Comment Seven


Comment Nine


Official Credentials

Agencies To Watch Out For

Our Steller Story

Introducing Headline Crime

Week Nine Summary

This week was really challenging for me because I had never used any movie making software before. But to start the week off I got to listen to more radio shows which was really cool to hear. I listened to NOIR At Night, and Silk Road. NOIR at night was exciting but a little hard to follow because the voices weren’t as clear. Silk Road was very good, the voices were so clear and the story was well plotted out. It was exciting, funny, and suspenseful all in one. Next we had to do a radio show final reflection. There was a lot of things and assignments to reflect on for the whole radio show process. My favorite parts were recording the interviews for our show and listening to other people’s creations. I liked hearing how different the other shows were from ours and the new ideas that everyone else had. We also had to do two daily creates. I liked the “mail art” daily create better because it let me be more creative and I got to learn how to make something else using origami. Next we had to learn how to read a movie. This was really interesting because I had no idea all of those different elements went into making a scene. It covered everything from the position of a person to the angle of the camera. The next part was the hardest part of the week for me. The video essay took a lot of time since I knew nothing about how to edit or download it. I got a lot of help from my roommates on how to edit things together so that helped. In the end I think it turned out ok, the only thing I would change would be the silence in the beginning of the scene before I start talking. Also, we had to choose between different kinds of video assignments. I chose to do the individual video assignments since my character is a male, so I wanted to avoid dressing up as a man every time we had to shoot for the video. Many of the video assignments looked very challenging so I tried to take it kind of slow for the first week. Finally, we had to set up a character category for all of our character assignments. I’m glad we had to do this because I never really knew what to put them under. This week was tough, but now I have a much better idea of how to edit video!

Video Essay:

Analyzing Kiss Me Deadly

Video Assignments:

Lena’s Memory Of Scott

Scott’s Visit To El Jota’s Night Club

Viral Video Re-Enactment

Daily Creates:

Blur Photo

Mail Art

Radio Show Listen Along:

Radio Show Listen Along Two

Radio Show Final Reflection:

Radio Show Final Reflection


Week Eight Summary

This week was all about our radio shows and developing our characters. First I listened to the radio show Noir D&D, for their show they were playing the game D&D and narrating what was happening as they went along. Even though I didn’t know anything about what the game was, the show was really exciting to listen to and they had a great narrator. We further developed our characters in our design assignments. Two of my assignments gave more information about Scott and the third incorporated the character Lena Meyers, and showed how she and Scott interact. We also had to do three daily creates. My favorite daily create was to illustrate our favorite part of the week. My favorite thing of the week was when I walked Briscoe the dog in beautiful weather and now because of this daily create I will always remember that day.  Next we had to make inspire me posts. This was a great chance for me to look back on all of the great work that my peers have done. It also opened my eyes to some of the work that I didn’t get to see before. It was a good chance to highlight the best work that people did! Finally we had to comment on other people’s work again which is always a good time to give feedback. In all this was a productive week and gave me a chance to see more of other people’s work as well as develop my own character.

Daily Creates:

My Favorite Part Of The Week

My Different Sides

Grilled Cheese Directions

Listen Along:

Radio Show Listen Along


Where Is The Error

Penny Pictrues

Storytelling Collage

Inspire Me Posts:

Inspire Me Part Four

Inspire Me Part Three

Inspire Me Part Two

Inspire Me Part One












Week Seven Summary

It was great to see everyone’s progress this week with their shows and to look at and comment on their daily creates. My favorite Daily Create to read about was the weasel poems because they were so funny. To me the Daily Creates took a little more thought this week, but that isn’t a bad thing. Making our show has definitely been the highlight of the week. We are having so much fun with our characters and bringing them to life. I think our show is going to turn out really good and I can’t wait for everyone else to listen to it. I also can’t wait to hear what everyone else has done with their show!

Daily Creates:


Happy Birthday Grant Potter!

Written by Shannon Grubbs on February 24, 2015 2:39 pm

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What a cute little ice weasel he is
Grant Potter is a radio wiz
We thank him for his creation
Because of him the class radio is a sensation

repairs are no trouble
he will have them done on the double
So here’s a happy birthday to you
A very smart weasel its true

ds106 spaceship












Radio Show:


Week Six Summary

This week we began the formation of our groups for the radio shows. Christine is my roommate so we decided to be in the same group. She knows Brian and Landon so they reached out to her to be in a group, so I joined their group as well. Then the boys included their friend Jack into our group. We started off by making a google doc to include everyone in making the plan for our show. Everyone in our group signed up to either make a bumper, commercial, or both. I singed up to make a bumper. We then proceeded to list our ideas for the show. I suggested we that we find noir stories online, share them, and then discuss the noir elements within them. Instead we decided to make it a talk show and have our characters come on as guests. Christine will be the host of the show. Our show will be called “Inside Talking (Special Edition: A Night Of Noir).” Our group met on Saturday to plan the show out, unfortunately I was in West Virginia for the night not able to get home because of the snow so I was not able to attend this meeting and another one of our group members had work. However we did communicate on the Google doc the order of our guests on the show and the places for our bumpers and commercials. Soon after the meeting we discovered that we had another group member, Lexy. We found this out by looking at the google doc created by the professors. Christine ended up knowing her so she is now added to our google doc and our group message over text. We are continuing to make progress with our show and I believe it will turn out great! We have a lot of work to do but I cannot wait to see what our group can accomplish together!


Spooky Hotel

800 Slower

Kendrick Lamar Mash Up












Week Five Summary

This weeks concepts were a little harder for me to understand. I found the concept of design kind of confusing at the beginning. I couldn’t get a really good grasp on what it meant. After doing the readings and watching the films I believe I began to understand a little better. I felt like there was a lot of overlap between this week and visual week. Vignelli Canon’s booklet helped me to understand the meaning of design better and gave me a good idea of the concepts that it is composed of. It showed me that it is more than just taking photos, there is a certain way to go about looking at the structure of what you are trying to convey. The film that I watched was “Double Indemnity.” This film make me think about how the spacing and concepts of design can be applied to a story. I thought that the spacing and arrangements of the scenes could create a feeling that doesn’t have to be spoken. The design blitz was a good way for me try out the different concepts of design. I chose to represent dominance, color, proportion, and rhythm. I think I still need more practice representing these different concepts but the design blitz was a start. I thought it was interesting to find some of the concepts in nature as I did because I never thought of applying these concepts to everyday things I see in nature. The daily creates did not show as much of my creativity as the past weeks but they were still enjoyable. My favorite was the creative hands assignment because I got to share some of my favorite pictures. I thought the design assignments this week were fun to complete and I got to make some humorous pictures. Such as my photo of Professor Groom participating in American Idol as Simon Cowell. The assignments put my editing skills to the test but I think it improved them in the end. Finally the copyright readings and videos showed a different side of copyright I had never thought of before. I never thought to look at the argument that copyright hinders creativity. I always just saw it as a law to preserve rights. I think there are valid arguments for both sides of the debate and I agree with values form each side. In all this week was challenging for me but also gave me a better understand of the principal of design.



Ideas Vigneilli Canon

Ideas Film Design


Design Blitz

What Really Happened In The Titanic

The Ultimate Merger

Jim Cowell

Daily Creates:

My Super Power

Creative Hands


Week Four Summary

This week was pretty challenging for me, I have never edited any type of sound or audio before. That being said I think I did a pretty good job of figuring things out this week. Of course I did have some help with Audacity from Maggie in the convergence center which really helped a bunch. Watching the opening scenes to “Touch of Evil” and the readings showed me just how powerful audio could be. It was so surprising to me that the exact same scenes could have a different mood just based on the background music. Like I said in my post the second opening scene of “Touch of Evil” better predicted the car blowing up because the music was more mischievous. The radio broadcast was probably my favorite assignment of the week and I hope we have more like it. I listened in on Wednesday night and I loved hearing the story and seeing what everyone had to say about it. It had many of the same characteristics as we have seen in the previous films and stories such as “The Postman Always Rings Twice. The daily creates weren’t my favorite this week but I still enjoyed doing them. My favorite one  I did was my cat car. I decorated a flaming car with cute little kittens and I thought it was very humorous. Creating my radio bumper was one of the more difficult assignments for me, I doubt it will be the one we decide to use but I tried my best. It was hard to find the right sounds that would fit with our theme. The 8 stars of audio assignments were difficult as well. Many of the sounds I recorded didn’t really sound like what they were supposed to be and I was not expecting this so I had to go find more distinct sounds. I also made a whistling audio and I am not very good at whistling but I liked the song so I did it anyway. The sound effects story was frustrating at first but once I got the hang of it, it was fun to play around with. I think that was one of the better audios I did this week. I wasn’t exactly sure about what ideas to give for the radio show but hopefully the ones I gave helped other people brainstorm too. Someone commented and liked my idea that we should explain something that reminded us of noir throughout our week and say why. Overall this week was very challenging, but I got through it and now I know how to edit audio and I am pretty proud of myself for that because I never thought I would be doing it.



Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

Emotions Through Sound

Sounds Of Your Day

Sound Effects Story

DS106 Radio Reflection

Audio Reflection

Daily Creates:

Cute Puppy Alert

Cat Car


Radio Show Ideas


Week Three Summary

At the beginning of the week I didn’t know a whole lot about photography but I felt that as I went along through the week I learned more and more from doing the assignments and viewing the readings and movies. The readings showed me a side of photography that I never really knew. They showed me that there can be a story and a meaning behind the photo instead of it just capturing what is going on in that moment. The movies gave me a better idea of what a noir film looks like. I could also see in the movies how certain scenes, light, and themes influenced the story and mood. I also noticed a repeating story plot in some of the noir readings and movies. The photo safari was a little challenging for me but I think I did alright in the end. Doing the safari made me learn how to take pictures using different elements and lighting, it also encouraged me to find some noir scenes around campus. I enjoyed the daily creates this week, they were a fun way for me to show creativity. The paper sculpture was my favorite assignment because I learned how to make a 3D butterfly out of paper which many people don’t know how to do. The visual assignments were another way to show creativity using photos and I enjoyed them more than the previous writing assignments. I got to further develop my character, share my dream, describe my perfect day, and ask a question about one of my favorite places. I found that organizing my blog made it a lot easier to keep track of my assignments. I have always been a very organized person so it actually felt good to put everything into categories.


Noir Movie Reflection

Photo Reflection

Photo Safari:

Photo Safari

Daily Creates:

Animal 2048

Paper Sculpture

Instructions For Using The Dishwasher

Visual Assignments:






DS106 Week Two Summary

This week was much better for me than last week. Now that I have a handle on the sites it is easier to make posts and do the assignments. Writing comes a little easier to me so I enjoyed this weeks topic more. The daily creates were a fun way to show creativity, they were my favorite part of this weeks assignment. The noir stories were interesting and suspenseful to read. “The Postman Always Rings Twice” was my favorite story that I read, so that’s the story that I picked to make an alternative ending to. The readings also showed me more of what noir is. Overall I learned how to write more creatively this week.


Data Of The Dead

Alternative Ending



Monologue Of A Household Tool


Noir Readings




Daily Creates:


ds 106 eye piccollagenature word art

DS106 Week One Summary (part two)

My impression of noir is that it is gloomy, dark, and is associated with crime. I can appreciate this genre or mood, but it would not be my first choice for a film or other media. However I can see how it would make a story or picture more interesting. There is a feeling of mysteriousness that goes along with noir that makes you want to know more about the story or picture.