Inspire Me Part Four

This post by mfierro2017 inspired me on how to put things together better. Her post was really helpful because it showed how she actually put the trailer together. Not to mention I love the show “The Office,” it made for a great trailer and gave me a good laugh. I can tell a lot of work was put into making this trailer and I think it was well worth it because the final outcome was really great!

Inspire Me Part Three

Fake treat.. sorry tubby! #ds106

This is another one of my favorite posts. Its so cute and puts me in a good mood! I love all animals especially dogs and this picture is a creative way to incorporate a cute dog which I think makes any picture better! Making a fake dog treat for the photo was a good idea and how the dog is looking at makes the photo that much better! Love this photo and the cute dog!

Inspired Me Part Two

love your earth

This post by cryptovalence is so creative and incorporates my favorite kind of art. My favorite kind of art has nature in it. I think natural things can make the prettiest kind of art. I love to see the natural beauty that nature can make, and when humans arrange natural things to make a different kind of art, it makes a beautiful creation. The point of this assignment was to draw love and I think this shows love in a really creative way that is beautiful to look at.

Inspired Me Part One

Janelle’s fifty-shades-of-hallmark post has definitely been one of my favorites so far. It was really funny and so creative. The ending was my favorite part and made the whole audio come together, she acted like she was going to be amazed by Christian Grey and then went the opposite way which made it really funny. It made fun of the whole story of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and showed how a girl would realistically act towards the situation which made it funny. It was an all around really creative assignment that turned out great!

Copyright & Creative Commons

I think there is a valid point that the copyright laws hinder creativity, but I also think it is valid for creators to want to protect the rights to their work. Copyright laws can prevent individual creativity by not allowing them to alter any existing work, as well as the laws acting over aggressively. However I think that once someone creates a work, they may not want it to be altered and I believe that they are entitled to that preservation. People could alter their personal work in a negative or disrespectful way which could be hurtful, so for this reason copyright laws could be a benefit. I also think that there could be an argument for the use of others material as less creative. Maybe instead of looking at the copyright law as hindering creativity, it could be seen as an opportunity to create more original work. An individual could create their own piece that is similar instead of remixing an already existing piece.

Vignelli Canon

This booklet helps to explain the discipline behind graphic design. It shows that the small details of the piece matter to make the whole. The design should have purpose and a meaning for why it was created. It should also be ordered in some type of way. The work does not always have to be perfectly symmetrical or have exact geometric shapes, but there should be some type of system or order. The design should have an impact on the viewer, if there is no meaning behind the piece, it doesn’t mean much to make it. This text also describes why the designer should have discipline. Discipline gives the design quality, if the rules are followed and the effort is given, the design will be improved. Design can have multiple styles, it is not for just one genre. Design can be expressed in countless different ways for many different purposes. It is a creative way to display ideas, messages, and beauty. Different designs can create various impacts, you can alter your design to fit the type of statement you are trying to make. This is what makes design so powerful, it can make an influential statement in whatever unique way the designer wishes.


Film Design

I watched the film Double Indemnity. The built environment around the Dietrichson house is luxurious, they have a nice house and live in an upscale area with Spanish looking houses. Walters office is a more business like environment, his office overlooks all of the other desks on the lower floor. Dominance is shown when Walter can stand on the upper balcony and look down on all of the other employees at their desks below him, this shows that his job is slightly more important than theirs. Space can create different designs in the film by giving different feelings such as tension or relaxation. Tension can be felt when the men are talking about the murder in a smaller office with less space. While you get a more relaxed feel in the Dietrichson house with large rooms while they are having flirtatious conversation. I would say that metaphors, symbols, and messages are not specific to a time and place because they are more about representing an idea or point. You don’t have to see them in front of you to understand their meaning and the different things that they relate to. They can relate to more than just a single time or place, they can be used in many different ways and in various situations.

Radio Show Ideas

Some ideas for a radio show are that maybe a different noir story is told each time, or everyone has to create a story around their character that has a noir theme. If that doesn’t work, noir movies or stories that have already been created could be selected by people and discussed, this could introduce people to movies they are not familiar with. Another idea is that you have to explain something that has reminded you of noir throughout your week  and why it fits with the noir theme. Finally, the radio show could be based on the particular week we are on, we could incorporate elements of the assignments in our talks or show.

Noir Movie Reflection

I thought the films were interesting, I like watching stories that are from a different time period. The films are shot in black and white and the scenes are often in gloomy places. They capture the feelings of noir by including murder in the plot, making the settings in remote or small town places, the people often have tragic stories, and by making the lighting a certain way to give the scene feeling. In particular in “Killer’s Kiss” the scene where the woman’s boss is supposedly sorry for how he treated her and said he would give her the money while the boss’s men are going to kill the man she is in love with, but instead kill the wrong man, this scene strikes me as very noir. The men are in a back ally way and are slowing closing in on the man they are going to kill. The boss’s assistants are calm, collected, and confident about the murder they are about to commit while the other man is terrified for his life. There is also a pattern that I see continuing in many of the noir stories. Many of the stories include a women who is with a man she doesn’t really love and a new younger man comes in and they fall in love, then somehow the man that the women wasn’t really in love with gets murdered.

My Noir Pictures:

I consider this a noir photo because it has an “old time” feel to it and it reminds me of something like a street corner that gangsters could gather at and plan out crime. noir pic

I think this picture has elements of noir because it is black and white, seems like a deserted bridge, and has a creepy feel to it.

Noir bridge