Umbrella In The Sun


For today’s daily create I had to take an umbrella photograph. I decided to take a picture of this umbrella on a sunny day so that the light goes through the material of the umbrella and illuminates it. I used my phone to take this picture.

Napoleon and Noddy

Napoleon and Noddy

For today’s daily create I had to save Noddy and get him out of the trash. Naturally I decided to sit him next to Napoleon Dynamite. Even though this might not be the best place for him, I thought it would be better then leaving him in the trash. Hopefully Noddy likes his new friend because he is pretty much stuck with Napoleon now.

Take The Plunge

take the plunge

For today’s daily create I had to make an inspirational poster using a phrase that I have said. I decided to use the phrase “Take The Plunge,” and use a picture of myself doing a backflip off of a bridge into the water. This quote basically means that you should try new things, take chances, and explore unfamiliar things. I think this is a good quote to go by because that’s how you can live life to the fullest.

15 Second Batman


For today’s daily create I had to draw Batman in 15 seconds. This is what I came up with. I got his mask and his cape and attempted the bat symbol on his chest. This shows me that I have kind of internalized the basic shape of Batman. Which is weird because I never knew that was part of my basic knowledge.

Breakfast Selfie

Breakfast selfie

For today’s daily create I had to make a selfie out of breakfast foods. I chose to use an English muffin as the face, Honeycombs as the eyes, granola for the nose, and almonds for the smile. These foods don’t really go together but they are components of some of my different breakfasts. Of course he is smiling because breakfast foods make everyone happy!

Blur Photo

For todays daily create we had to take an artsy blurry photo. I chose to take a picture of our tapestry, I then had to figure out how to make it blurry. To make this shot I stood across the room and started jumping up and down while taking the picture. This is what I came up with. I liked this one because the lines of the shapes started dragging out and making cool designs.

blurry picture

Mail Art

For todays daily create we had to make art out of mail we had laying around. I decided to make an origami flower out of newspaper. Each pedal is actually and individual piece of paper. To make this I had to cut out 10 different squares of newspaper and then fold each one to make the complete flower. I liked the idea of recycled art and I think the outcome was pretty good!

paper flower

Grilled Cheese Directions

grilled cheese directions

For todays daily create we had to write a lesson on how to do an activity. I chose to write directions for how to make a grilled cheese. I love making grilled cheeses so I thought that would be a good activity to share with everyone else! To make these directions I typed them up on my phone, took a screenshot, and then emailed it to myself to upload it to flickr. Naturally after writing these directions I had to go make a grilled cheese for lunch and it was delicious! Hopefully it inspires everyone else to go have a grilled cheese as well!

My Favorite Part of the Week

favorite part of the weekMy favorite part of the week was walking Briscoe the dog. It was on Monday when the weather was really warm and sunny so it was a great day to be outside. Walking Briscoe is my job but it didn’t feel like work at all! To make this picture I printed out a picture of myself and Briscoe and then cut them out with scissors. I then glued them to a piece of paper and colored in the background to show how nice the weather was. I thought it would be different to use real life images and images that I drew together to make the picture a little more abstract.



My Different Sides

For todays daily create we had to show different sides of our self. I don’t see myself as having very many different sides to my personality, so I decided to show my younger and older side. To do this I chose a picture of when I was a toddler and a more recent picture. Seeing these two pictures compared shows how different the two sides really are.

my different sides