My Future Life (in textbook form)

Shannon Grubbs attended Radford University her freshman year of college as a biology major. She then decided change her major to psychology and transfer to the University of Mary Washington due to their exceptional psychology program. While attending Mary Washington she participated in an internship that conducted research on the psychology of animals, specifically dogs. She completed three more years at Mary Washington and received her bachelor’s degree for psychology. She then Went on to grad school and completed her masters degree. Following grad school she was hired at a canine rehabilitation center. At this facility, most of her work was centered around rehabilitating military dogs with PTSD. She eventually worked her way up and became one of the head managers of the facility.

(Three Stars)

Monologue of a household tool

I am many people’s favorite appliance. People open and shut me all day long and take things out me as they please. Sometimes it leaves me feeling empty inside until someone fills me back up again. I’m always chilly and half of me is always colder than the other half. People tend to like what I hold inside of me and when guests come over, they are always offered something that I hold. I see many people come and go through the kitchen. Some run to look inside of me and others pass right by. Some nights someone will spend hours in the kitchen opening and closing me and using the things inside of me to make nice smelling things using the other appliances. I’m glad that what I hold seems to make people happy and I will be here for years holding the things people enjoy.

(Four Stars)

Scott Brinkmann

Scott Brinkmann is a 26 year old man with brown hair and eyes. He is tall, attractive, determined, and adventurous. He was born in Oklahoma and has lived there his whole life. He is a hotel owner, his father used to own the hotel, and after he passed Scott became the owner. He has a wife named Jane and their dog’s name is Dakota. Dakota wanders around the hotel and greets the guests. While working in the hotel business, Scott encounters many different people from many different places, many of them are very strange people. Scott’s favorite food is pasta, his favorite drink is Coke, and his favorite color is Blue. His favorite book and movie is the Great Gatsby and Star Wars. His favorite possession is the watch that his father left behind for him. Last, his personal motto is “Always remain focused on what it is that you are trying to accomplish.”