The Spooky Hotel

(Four Stars)

Scott Brinkmann’s hotel can be very scary at night! Here are some sounds you might hear while walking around the hotel. You could hear anything from footsteps, screams, and the howling wind to even ghosts! I thought this assignment would be good for my character’s hotel because hotels are notorious for being haunted. This also goes along nicely with the noir theme. I used Audacity and to create this audio. I used a ominous background noise and then overlapped it with individual creepy sounds. I had to delete sections out of the individual sounds to make them sound right. I also had to increase and decrease the level of sound for each audio to make them mesh well. I think the outcome was generally successful.

Sounds I Used:

Scott Brinkmann’s favorite song 800% slower

(Three Stars)

This is “Girl Inform Me” by the Shins, it is Scott Brinkmann’s favorite song. It might be a little hard to recognize because it is slowed down 800%. To do this I took a song off of my iTunes and put it into Audacity. I then used the effect Paulstretch to slow it down. This effect allows you to change the pitch along with the speed. After it has been slowed down it sounds like it takes forever just to change sounds in the song.


Kendrick Lamar Mash-Up

(Three Stars)

This is a mash-up of five of my favorite Kendrick Lamar Songs. I combined his songs “Faith,” “Blow My High,” Ronald Reagan,” “The Recipe,” and “High Power.” I used Audacity to combine them and the split tool to break the songs up. I chose Kendrick Lamar because he is one of my favorite artists and I think he has a unique sound.

Design Blitz

My design blitz incorporates four different concepts in the field of design.

This photo shows dominance because the vine and moss are taking over the tree and living on its surface. I think dominance is effective in photos because it shows strength and power.


This photo of my drawing shows rhythm because the shapes and lines repeat and the colors coordinate in a pattern. Rhythm can be effective in photos because it makes them pleasing to the eye and ordered, but some people might find photos like this more boring, it all depends on who is looking at the picture.


This photo shows color because there is a range of color just in this one plant, which is also unique given that it is winter. Color can show vibrancy in a photo and give an expression or make the viewer feel a certain way.


This photo shows proportion because the person standing in the hand looks to be much smaller than she really is because she is farther away. Proportion makes a photo interesting to look at, it can trick the eye or put objects into perspective.


What really happened in the Titanic

(Three Stars)

I used paint to create this photo. I decided that the sky was too plain and needed some action so the army had to step in. The assignment was to pick and image and incorporate something that really didn’t belong there. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to put the army in one of the most famous scenes form the Titanic. First, it is out of place because it is obviously a romantic scene and the army doesn’t exactly scream romantic. Second, the technology from the army shown is not consistent with the time period of the Titanic, therefore it is very out of place. If the army really was there many more people might have been saved from the icy waters. In general the army has no real connection to the Titanic and that is why I decided to incorporate it into this scene.




The Ultimate Merger

(Four and a half Stars)

Ronald McDonald doesn’t belong here! The idea was to merge two different famous logos. I used paint to make this photo, I decided to merge two fast food logos that seemed like they could fit together. I thought to put Ronald McDonald in the place of the Wendy’s girl because they both have red hair and fit in the circular shape. Even the colors of Ronald McDonald’s face and the Wendy’s logo match up, this makes them a good pair. At first glance I think people could mistake this for a true logo.

wrong wendys

Jim Cowell

Jim Cowell

Here we see Jim Cowell judging American Idol, he can be pretty harsh but he knows good talent when he sees it. I used paint to make this photo, I thought about popular TV shows and this one came to mind. It used to be one of my favorite shows before they got a new cast. Naturally I had to put professor Groom as Simon Cowell. I thought that his head and Simon’s body would match up the beset out of the three judges. Though their personalities may not match up, they both have good looks. I think Professor Groom could take over Simon Cowell’s spot any day.

(Four and a half Stars)