What really happened in the Titanic


(Three Stars)

I used paint to create this photo. I decided that the sky was too plain and needed some action so the army had to step in. The assignment was to pick and image and incorporate something that really didn’t belong there. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to put the army in one of the most famous scenes form the Titanic. First, it is out of place because it is obviously a romantic scene and the army doesn’t exactly scream romantic. Second, the technology from the army shown is not consistent with the time period of the Titanic, therefore it is very out of place. If the army really was there many more people might have been saved from the icy waters. In general the army has no real connection to the Titanic and that is why I decided to incorporate it into this scene.




2 thoughts on “What really happened in the Titanic”

  1. Well, the presence of the air force doesn’t seem to have killed the mood for Jack and Rose, so I guess all is ok. Not sure what they would have thought about the advanced technology ;) Great Idea!!!

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