The Spooky Hotel

(Four Stars)

Scott Brinkmann’s hotel can be very scary at night! Here are some sounds you might hear while walking around the hotel. You could hear anything from footsteps, screams, and the howling wind to even ghosts! I thought this assignment would be good for my character’s hotel because hotels are notorious for being haunted. This also goes along nicely with the noir theme. I used Audacity and to create this audio. I used a ominous background noise and then overlapped it with individual creepy sounds. I had to delete sections out of the individual sounds to make them sound right. I also had to increase and decrease the level of sound for each audio to make them mesh well. I think the outcome was generally successful.

Sounds I Used:

6 thoughts on “The Spooky Hotel”

  1. What sounds did you use on Freesound? You need to give them credit, and you are still not narrating your creative process fully. Please revise this post to credit the sounds you sued on Freesound and also talk about your thinking/process in order to get credit.

  2. I really like the way you overlapped the sounds, the scream caught me really off guard but I thought that really helped the effect of the eeriness of the hotel!! :)

  3. That last sound of a ghost made me think “how do these people make these random weird sounds?!” haha anyways, this really put a detailed image in my mind just listening to it. Good job.

  4. ^Jim whoops thanks for pointing that out, I forgot to link mine. An easy way to go through and find the sounds you used is to open your history and search for freesound- you’ll get a list of all of the ages on the freesound domain you’ve visited

  5. Girl, I had to make sure my volume was on low since the suspense build-up made me think a loud noise was going to startle me. You did an excellent job creating a suspenseful feeling. I particularly liked the creaky floor, the scream, and those creepy ghost sounds at the end. My only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the wind sound since it sounded like a UFO, but maybe I have weird ears. Overall, I would suggest that you keep it the way it is because it is very suspenseful and scary. I had to make sure I swallowed my water just in case a scary sound would pop up and an accident would happen. Good job with keeping to the suspense with noir :)

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