Week Eleven Summary

This week was all about developing our agency. Lena Meyers and I teamed up to make our news agency “Headline Crime.” We made a website for Headline Crime so that we can keep up with all of the latest crime and share our findings with the public. We included a staff page in this website so that people can read about our background information and how we got into the news agency. We also included contact information incase anyone needs to talk to us about a crime. Next I did some assignments that helped introduce our agency. I presented our logo for Headline Crime, talked about what our agency does using the “Steller” app, showed my official press badge, and put out some news about our first potential crime stories. I think we heading in the right direction for our agency to be a hit!

The daily creates this week were a little more complicated than they usually are. I waited until later in the week to do them so that I could do the ones that I liked better. My favorite was taking Noddy out of the trash and sitting him next to Napoleon Dynamite, hopefully people got a kick out of it. And finally I made 10 more comments. This helped me to see what other people were doing with their agencies. This also played a part into our agency due to the fact that we are most likely going to be reporting on the crime of the other agencies.

Daily Creates:

Comment One

Comment Two



Comment Five


Comment Seven


Comment Nine


Official Credentials

Agencies To Watch Out For

Our Steller Story

Introducing Headline Crime

Umbrella In The Sun


For today’s daily create I had to take an umbrella photograph. I decided to take a picture of this umbrella on a sunny day so that the light goes through the material of the umbrella and illuminates it. I used my phone to take this picture.

Napoleon and Noddy

Napoleon and Noddy

For today’s daily create I had to save Noddy and get him out of the trash. Naturally I decided to sit him next to Napoleon Dynamite. Even though this might not be the best place for him, I thought it would be better then leaving him in the trash. Hopefully Noddy likes his new friend because he is pretty much stuck with Napoleon now.

Week Ten Summary

This week was all about videos. First I had to do 15 stars of video assignments because I chose to work independently last week. This was a lot of work, but I chose to do three assignments that were worth four stars so I didn’t have to make as many individual videos. They were harder but in my opinion, it saves time to do less videos that are harder. In the videos I got to show more of who I was and I got to let everyone see how cute my dog Dakota is. Next I had to do an interview answering the questions that the professors and Black had for us. I got to incorporate some of the people I met on our radio show into these questions because some of them were hypothetical. Hopefully my answers gave everyone a better idea of who I really am. After that I had to decide if I wanted to work in a group or go solo for the final unit. Lena and I decided to work in a small group together. I also had to do three daily creates this week. My favorite one was the 15 second drawing of batman. It was cool to learn that most people have the basic shape of batman already embedded into their mind. I have also been a fan of Batman ever since I was a little boy. Next I had to comment on other people’s work. This showed me more of who the other people are, there are definitely some characters out there and some people I really wouldn’t want to mess with. It was nice to see their work though. Finally, I listened to the radio show on Monday night. It started very late but once I heard it I knew it was worth waiting for. It was put together very well. I thought how they were talking about fem fatal was very interesting. I feel like this was a good week to put myself out there and learn some interesting things about the other people.


Dakota’s Tricks

Art Damnit

Surviving An Angry Customer

Dakota’s Wish


DS106 Interview

Daily Creates:

Breakfast Selfie

15 Second Batman















Art Damnit!

http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/the-make-art-damnit-interview/ (Two Stars)

For this assignment I had to interview someone and ask them “why make art damnit?” I decided to interview my co-owner Liam because he is into art stuff. He sees many different uses for art and why it is important. I decided to ask him because I think he has a good perspective on the subject. He emphasizes that art is many different types of expression and people use it to express their inner being.

Dakota’s Wish

http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/5-second-film/ (four and a half stars)

For this assignment I had to make a five second film. I decided to make it funny and use my dog Dakota again. I dressed her up in my clothes like she was trying to be me and then made the sign to go along with it. She kept knocking the glasses off of her face but I eventually got the shot. She was a good sport while I was trying to dress her up.

DS106 Interview

For this interview I used a combination of the professor’s and Black’s questions to use. I think it was a good way to let people know more about myself and who I am. Hopefully my wife doesn’t see this or she might get a little jealous of Lena. Another reason I wanted to do this interview was to get out the word about the mysterious men meeting at my hotel to see if anyone had any information on them or know what they are doing here.

Surviving an Angry Customer

http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/survival-video/ (four and a half stars)

For this assignment I had to make a video of how to survive something. I made a video on how to survive an angry customer because that can be a big problem sometimes in the hotel business. Over time you get used to people being rude and learn better techniques of how to deal with them. This video is mainly for new employees so that they have a better understanding of what to do in this type of situation. Most of the time I would tell them to just come get me to deal with it, but they should also know the normal protocol.


Dakota’s Tricks

http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/30-second-documentary/ (four and a half stars)

For this assignment I had to make a 30 second documentary. I chose to show the tricks that my wife Jane taught our dog Dakota. She taught Dakota to come on cue, sit, lay down, roll over, speak, and shake. We consider Dakota a member of our family and she makes us very happy, this is why I wanted to show her off in this documentary. It took a lot of tries to get this documentary just right. Not because Dakota wouldn’t do her tricks but because Jane used cheese as treats and she set the cheese on the table beside the space where Dakota was doing the tricks, so every time Dakota came down the stairs she would go straight to the table looking for cheese. Dakota was probably very tired after making this video because we had to keep sending her back up the stairs to shoot a new video.